Leaf turning

I don’t know exactly what has taken over me the past week or so but I have been leaf turning.  By that I mean I am trying to turn over a new leaf or something.  Maybe it is an old leaf I forgot I knew.

* Inspired by several of you who are struggling with various physical complaints as well as health issue, I decided I needed to do more exercising if I want to travel and/or visit the parks and nature preserves around here. 

* The pollen has made life difficult this spring, but David and I own a treadmill and an Airedyne bike which we can use to exercise inside the house where the air purifiers help with breathing issues. Now to use these wonderful pieces of equipment despite our joint issues.

* I have a gym membership which I have not used in recent months as I finished my history degree. Got to get back there in the next week or so and use that pool again. I won’t go everyday like I did before because of skin issues, but I will attempt three days a week, 1/2 hour at a time.

* I have been using my limited “outdoor” time to work in my garden which is small and in which I have established pots, containers, hanging baskets and raised beds to make the bending less onerous.  I also have purchased long-handled tools to make bending unnecessary. 

* I rejoined WW which helped me lose weight years ago  I don’t overeat so the “dieting” will be easy from the standpoint of hunger, but difficult because I hate to meal plan. I used to like to cook, maybe I will do more of that now that I am not always cracking a book. (I would rather be reading.) 

* I don’t drink owing to many factors including the medicines I take for HBP, so no calorie issues there. Don’t need to drop dead from low blood pressure either.

* I told David I need to rejoin Al-Anon.  Recently, I have discovered a couple of members of my extended family are having issues with drugs and alcohol, so I need to recharge my batteries and rediscover “tough love” all over again.

Good grief, where did all this motivation come from?  I don’t know. I call it a gift. The gift of grace, not deserved, but always there. It began with that new pair of shoes and me following the yellow brick road through the Mall.



14 thoughts on “Leaf turning

  1. Well, the leaves on the plants in the pictured pot are sure plentiful and colorful — emblematic of those you’re turning over, around, or whatever, I guess. Sounds ambitious. I need to be more active, too. Guess I’ll recommit myself since so much of this get up and go seems to be going around as I visit various bloggers. Time to post that article about it all that I wrote a few years ago when I thought I was getting started, then I’ll have to go through with it all — maybe.


  2. I shall have to follow your example because my exercising has hit an all time low since returning from Japan. I’ll try my best to do better, but the chair keeps calling me.


  3. That sure is a pile of leaves. Sounds like me at New Years. I wish you better luck.
    I think WW does work because of the planning. I keeps you from that deadly self conversation, “What am I hungry for?”


  4. It all SOUNDS good, but how many of these plans will you carry out? Why not start with a manageable single item plan and work from there?

    I must do the same, start exercising, I mean, but it’s still raining and I simply don’t feel like getting soaked for longer than the quick 20 mins. the dog gets to go out.


  5. Too bad you are allergic to pollen. Not fun to have a clogged nose! Have you tried Allegra-D-12 for it? You need to get it directly from the pharmacist and sign for it, as it contains a controlled substance and is not sold over the counter. David and I swear by it. Don’t get the plain Allegra, as it does not work.


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