Hats and other stuff

When I was growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, the Catholic Church required that all us gals cover our heads when we entered the church. Later on, during the last phase of the women’s movement, the gals rebelled and refused to wear hats and the Church did away with that restriction. I have had two opinions about hats ever since. 

I like hats, and miss wearing them.  I can do without the white gloves that were de rigour here in Washington in the 1950s and early 1960s, but I miss the hats.  African-American women never gave them up and neither did the British.  One of the things I enjoyed about the recent Kate and William wedding was looking at the hats. My cousin Susie is a member of the “Red Hats” gals group so she still wears hats.

An article in the recent issue of Arthritis Today, entitled “Fashion Pick-me-ups” says if fatigue saps your strength to wear makeup and otherwise look your best you can try other measures.  Now once upon a time, I was really into fashion.  I have given most of my work clothes away and given my most of my jewelry to my daughters and granddaughters. I have a few scarves left in my dresser, but mostly, the cupboard is bare. 

What to do to dress up??

 I have decided that as I have had two bouts of skin cancer, I could once again begin to wear colorful hats. Up til now, I have been wearing those canvas caps found in the Kibbutz and Girl Scout Camp, but recently, I decided to get a little more fancy.  Yesterday, I went hat mad and ordered a half dozen hats.

Below are photos of a few of them:

Okay, these are all Cloche-style hats, but that is my favorite style, and the one I wore when I was a girl.  I have Berets and knit hats for winter. I like this style for milder weather.  I might not be going on a cruise this year, but I can feel cruise-like in these hats.

According to the blurb with the hats, I can wear them anywhere, in the garden, shopping, doctor visits and all the other exciting places I go. They are crushable and packable so I can take a couple of them with me to California next fall.  

I have a large sun hat with a pink silk band that I wear to work outside in my garden, and it covers my head and shoulders. One day my neighbor Joe drove by and told me I looked like a photo in one of the garden magazines.  Joe is a limo driver, and every time he goes out for a job, he comes to my yard to pick a flower for his jacket. Wonder how he will like these hats? Even David might notice them.   


 I am so excited.  I saw my first Black-Cockaded Woodpecker this morning.  He is new addition to my life time bird list. Hooray for me. I told David, “You realize that eventually, I am going to go on a birding expedition?” Sure he says, he knows that first I must build up my stamina to walk around the block.

Thank goodness the birds come to me.  

(If I don’t get round to visit you today, it is because I have a migraine and can barely see the monitor. Also, I am taking David to see his surgeon this afternoon about the torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder if I can see to drive.) 

9 thoughts on “Hats and other stuff

  1. I too wish hats would come back. And not just the chinese peasant one I wear for gardening.
    I feel for you with that migraine. I had them for 10 years and eventually out grew them. They tend to consume our lives when they settle in. Be gone migraine.


  2. Used to hate wearing hats, bows, scarves or anything else on my head. Now I need sun protection plus those hats look wonderful plus obnoxious cowlicks that I can no longer hide since my hair is thinning (heavy sigh). Hope you and David both find relief. And once you are feeling up to blogging, let us know where you ordered your hats!

    Hope you have a healthy and happy weekend.


  3. Love the hats! Makes me want to wear one.

    I have been ill, myself. In fact, yesterday an ambulance had to take me to the ER. Will write about it tomorrow. Take care, Dianne!


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