Dog story

David is off to the vet’s office this morning so Clare can receive two of her shots, Lepto and something else she has once per year. Clare is our #2 dog, and eight years old this month. She is a beautiful little dog, and her mother is a show dog. 

Clare is Johnny’s Aunt.  Clare’s sister is Holly is the tricolor, shown below.  Their mother, Lakeside Dancer is the white dog and Johnny’s grandmother.  Johnny had a white father and Holly was his mother. How Johnny turned out black is a mystery. 

Such is the nature of genetics.  How did I become so involved with Pomeranians when I don’t breed them or show them?  I just fell in love with the furry little guys one day. I had another Pom who died a year or so ago, and I got him impulsively about 20 years ago. Only later, I discovered they were Queen Victoria’s favorite dogs and the favorite dogs of the upper crust in the nineteenth century. But that’s not why I like them. 

I like many breeds of dog. Welsh Corgis, the preferred mount of fairy warriors, are actually my favorite dog, and it’s not because Queen Elizabeth has Corgis either.  Poms are German and the line goes back to sled dogs. My dogs may be small, but if you walk them around the block, you soon discover they could easily pull a sled. They are very strong dogs. 

I got to thinking about dogs again, because the papers report President Obama ate dog when he lived in Indonesia, and of course we have all heard the tale of Governor Romney and the dog in the crate on the top of his car. As the owner of a dog who loves to hang his head out the window when we drive anywhere, I know many dogs love the wind in their face, so I have trouble understanding why the dog in the crate on the top of the car is such an issue. Especially when you discover the dog had a windshield on his crate. 

Also, when Mr Obama lived in Indonesia, he was a child. and his mother was an anthropologist. Anthropologists try to blend in by adopting local customs such as eating dog meat. Children of anthropologists try to blend in too.

All this talk about dogs got me thinking about how silly our politics have become.  Good grief, don’t we have more serious issues to distract us?  As for me, I, like politics have gone to the dogs.    


7 thoughts on “Dog story

  1. Good morning. 🙂 Friday October 5th isn’t the 6th. We can easily do Saturday the 6th, or I can do Friday the 5th. :)I have my calendar open and put you on the 5th. Oh, this is going to be fun. Yes, I can drive up and get you, or G and I can get you on the Saturday. Lunch at Old Town and a few quiet moments of talk before I take you back? You let me know. I’m anticipating fun. 🙂


  2. What adorable Poms you have and you much have strong wrists from all the brushing you must do. It shows, they have beautiful coats.. I rescued a Pom once that had a really nasty disposition and was quite aggressive. No telling what he had been exposed to.


    • Oh the poor little mite, he was scared. When they are frightened they get nasty like that. Poms can be tricky. i have had to work with each one of mine to help them overcome the fear inherent in being so small.


  3. No dogs. No cats. Not only no achoos, but no more great sorrows when they die.

    RYN: I use a travel agent, but the general concensus is that Southwest is the best airline. There’s a travel site that will give you all the bad news about flying. I too am not looking forward to flapping my wings out to your town.


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