Living to tell the tale

Years ago, my idiot neighbor Tina, who had earned her Master Garden credential and after two months, “knew” everything about gardening, planted a hedge along our property line. It was not the first or last stupid thing Tina did.  I dislike the hedge most days, and for many reasons including the fact that it is almost impossible for me to get anything to grow on my side and beginning in early spring the darned thing develops mildew…every year.  So, I trim the hedge back to the property line to keep it even with the fence on the property line.  The first time, I did this the new neighbor Ada came running out of her house and screamed I was “killing” the hedge.  She does this quite frequently, she screams at me for having my own trees trimmed and cutting hers back to the property line.  David says she is demented, and he is as nice as can be to her. I think he should yell or something. God its hard to be married to Mr. nice guy.  


I may be old, but there’s a bit of ummph left in me yet.  Yesterday, I trimmed the hedge again and had David hand me the tools. I use them one at a time and work with four different cutting tools, plus a ladder. I trim the hedge by hand,  and I get up on a ladder to reach some of the higher branches.  I think I have a pretty good eye for evenness (see photo above).

The fact that I managed to do it again yesterday, and I am still ambulatory today is a miracle. Both arms work hooray. No gym for me, the garden is my exercise thank you very much.

I had surgery on my knee a few years ago and my doc asked me how I tore my meniscus.  I told him I was trying to get out of a tight place and twisted it. When I went back for my shoulder and told him I fell over a pot, he told me I must have “one hell of a garden.” I love Dr. McDonnell, he looks exactly like Bob Hope, except he is blonde.  I laugh whenever I see him because he while he is examining me, he is telling me about his garden problems.

I told David “If the neighbor says anything about the pile of cut branches on the curb tell her where she can stick them.” He mumbled and grumbled about the whole project, but goes along with it because he knows I have a stack of brochures for retirement homes next to my easy chair. 

Dealing with men is my second best specialty.


Like a hen clucking over her chicks, I look over my garden every morning.  I usually find at least one thing to give me a dose of joy.  Today it was the sight of an Ajuga blossom.  I don’t have much left after the redo of the lawn two years ago. But one plant managed to survive and is thriving and putting out runners. I found her this morning and here she is nestled in the creeping woodruff and violets.

11 thoughts on “Living to tell the tale

  1. Joared, some people thrive on drama. My mother-in-law has one of those neighbors. Dianne, you think maybe Ms Fussbudget has a sister who lives in Biloxi, MS?


  2. Glad you’re still comfortable on a ladder, but do take care with balancing. Interesting encounters with your neighbor. Shouldn’t be any problem cutting any of her trees, greenery hanging over on your yard, unless you laws are different than ours. Obviously, you know that, but wonder what her problem is?


  3. Having to trim someone else’s hedge would be one of the few reasons for justifiable homicide. I don’t believe there is a jury in the land that would convict you, Dianne. I would certainly speak on your behalf.


  4. Perhaps good hedges make good neighbors … but I think you’re more likely to take Robert Frost’s side of the issue. Regardless, thanks for the amusing story!


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