As beautiful as heaven

About 2:21 this morning overheated by the warm house at this time of the year, I came downstairs where it is cooler, and poured a glass of ice-cold milk. My youngest girl dog Clare (age 8 this week) followed me and sat in the dark on the landing watching while I drank my milk.  For some reason, she thinks it is her job to make sure members of the pack don’t stray too far in the dark.

Some days, I think David and I have gone completely around the bend.  We talk to the dogs and parrots and often answer our own comments.  We don’t talk baby talk, we carry on intelligent conversations. 

In case of the parrots, some of them talk back.  My Hahn’s Macaw Arabella always says ‘Thank you’ when we uncover her in the morning.  Her next comment is “Wanna Come Out”  If I don’t take her out of her cage she starts squawking.  So, out she comes, stands on the door and poops on the floor.  She doesn’t like to mess her cage.

So who runs the show around here? 


 JoAnn’s comments yesterday about the immoderation of Republicans in recent years, reminded me of the article in the Washington Post this morning about the “stealth” moderate Republicans in Maryland who are putting out the welcome mat for Mitt Romney who they hope is really a moderate.  Most of these Republicans are party regulars who have been gerrymandered out of their seats by the Democrat controlled Maryland Legislature.

Gerrymandering is practiced by both sides.  In recent years it has grown worse and I don’t know how it can be undone. Some experts say the Voting Rights Act, passed to help minorities, exacerbated the situation in the South because in created concentrations of Democrats (who in Southern States, Texas excepted, are mostly Black), and the residual areas become concentrations of whites who are mostly Evangelical Republicans. 


The Pope’s visit to Cuba last week reminded me of the time I got “this close” [ ] to Castro. I was a junior in high school and a member of the Spanish Club when our advisor, Mr Rodriquez, invited two young men to come speak to our group about life in Cuba.  This occurred when Castro was a partisan living in the mountains, Batista controlled the island, and before Castro took over in 1959.

The young men were students at the Methodist College in our town which prepared young men for Divinity School at Duke University. I was an officer in the Spanish club, and as such introduced to the young men, one of whom looked at me and said in Spanish, “You are as beautiful as heaven.”  

I was entranced with him, and as we lived across the street from the college, I asked him and his buddy to dinner the following night.  They came to our house, met my parents and then proceeded to tell us of how they had left he Catholic Church because they thought it supported Batista, and they were working for Castro.  They said they intended, after they finished divinity school, to return to Cuba and serve as chaplains in Castro’s Army. In those days, no one knew Castro intended to be a Communist.  I have often wondered what happened to these young men and if they ever became Protestant ministers. 

De la Sierra Morena,
Cielito lindo, vienen bajando,
Un par de ojitos negros,
Cielito lindo, de contrabando.

Through dark tresses, heavenly one,
a pair of deep brown eyes,
lower as they approach,
a stolen glance.






7 thoughts on “As beautiful as heaven

  1. I thought one reason we had pets was to have conversations with them — captive listeners. Any chance that someday your parrot will repeat what you’ve confided — be careful what you say.

    It would be interesting to know what happened to those young men you met, especially given the diminishing religious emphasis there from Castro and communism.

    Your Castro story reminded me that years ago after Castro took control of Cuba, I vaguely recall there were news stories about a small group of young American students (6?) who defied the U.S. and went to Cuba anyway. Twenty-five years or so ago I knew a young woman who claimed to have been one of those students, that she had played ping pong with Castro. I’ve forgotten her name, but remembered her story and related matters she shared. I happened to recall it recently, tried to find something about it on the Internet but was unable to find a reference. I wonder if you recall anything about the event or know any reference to it — stories in the media then — and students names? Seems to me it was all over the news for a short time, after they returned to U.S. Feelings among many were very strong against their going to Cuba and some thought they might be arrested and sent to prison.


  2. I’m impressed by your brush with history — and I hoped you’ve kept up your Spanish!

    We, too, have conversations with our dog. I can’t really say they’re intelligent conversations — but that’s not necessarily the dog’s fault.


  3. Can’t parrots be toilet trained to poop in their cage? or in a bowl or box outside the cage? It would upset me if Rylan pooped on my floor.

    As for Castro, power does strange things to most men. Yeah, they end up being dictators just like the person they overthrew.


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