So I looked at my perpetual birthday calendar this morning and discovered Peaches, the dog I thought was 18 is really going to be 16 tomorrow.  Well, maybe.  I have her paperwork upstairs somewhere and I may check the actual date when I go to bed tonight, but I try to make few trips upstairs during the day, so I won’t be going there now.  I have the parrot birth certificates in my downstairs desk. Parrot people call birthdays hatch days.  As in what day were you hatched?  

Why did I buy purebred dogs when I never bothered to register them with the AKC and don’t have the slightest idea when they were born? Because “Once burned twice shy.” and those cute little puppies can grow up to become very large scary dogs. I like little dogs, they are scary enough.

I often say, I like all dogs, but that’s a lie.  Big dogs scare me.  My neighbor Kathy has a large furry dog with a sweet disposition, but if I try to pet Kylie, she bumps up against me and I almost topple over. Besides, have you ever noticed how large big dog teeth are?

My friend Debbi has a dog and a wolf. Below is a photo of Debbi’s wolf and dog eying each other through a fence. Debbi raised that wolf from a cute little ball of fur.  All children look innocent don’t they?

  I have read that seniors benefit from animal companions, and I know it to be true after seeing David, the man who did not want a dog fall in love with one of MY dogs after another.  He is now trying to steal my dog Johnny from me.  I warned him if he does, I am getting another dog, or maybe a cat.  Cats decide who is who. 



7 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. A dog of 17? That is old. Benno is 11 and he is very old for a large labrador.

    Abot books: it is very sad that they fade so with age. I have a lot of hard backs which look tatty and shabby, but I don’t want to throw them out.


  2. All three of my children have dogs (plural) and I always did when my husband was alive … but I love to travel and can’t afford both that and a pet. I guess that’s just an excuse but I appreciate your honesty and find I don’t like big dogs either … or I should say they tend to intimidate me.


  3. My only requirement is that they have fur!

    I must admit that I do feel the need to have a rooster nearby. It’s a psychological, security thing. 🙂 It surfaced relatively recently but since I’m not Freud I’m not gonna go there. The rooster gets up and we should too! We can, you see, because life is okay if my little feathered man-of-the-roost says it is! 🙂

    Hmmm… I think I need more sleep this morning (before they commit me). Rough work week. I have to go find some rooster pictures and Pinit! 🙂


  4. There is a cat named Oscar who lives in a nursing home or a hospital of some sort on the mainland. When a patient is about to die, he goes to that room and sits on the bed. It is uncanny how he knows who is going to die soon. Would you want such a cat in your room? Would it be too depressing and hopeless? If I knew the end was coming, I guess not.


  5. Had to laugh at your getting burned. I knew a lady who had a giant of a dog named Tiny. Seems when they bought him, they were told he was a full grown Chihuahua when in fact he was a giant dog puppy. I understand you logic.


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