Odds and ends

I was looking for something on the desk in my study this morning and found a cache of old photos. I have many photo albums, but these photos never made it to the albums. I scanned some of them, including the one below.

The photo shows me and my SIL Margi at my sister’s house in Baton Rouge in 1994. I had flown down to see Michelle on my own because David does not like to travel and he does not like Louisiana. I traveled alone a lot in those days. (The clock on top of the hutch belonged to mom’s dad, Grampa Harry.)

Seems like only yesterday we three were sitting around the table having coffee and a nice visit.  I haven’t been back to LA to see my sister since  then, although we did link up in Sheboygan a few times for family gatherings in the following years.

We would meet in Cincinnati and fly together from there to Milwaukee, and then drive to Sheboygan.  Sometimes we met with cousins in Milwaukee. Susie would take the train from Chicago and we would see Ellen and Nancy who were still living there. Ellen and her husband Ray have become RV people since then, and Nancy and her husband have moved to Florida where he was born and raised. 

It’s probably difficult for anyone outside the family to follow this story.  I have 32 cousins on one side and about 16 on the other side. 

 Margi’s sons, (my nephews) are grown up, and one or two are in the service.  I don’t know exactly what my youngest nephew did after he graduated from Ole Miss but I think the oldest is a translator with the Air Force. 

Margi is a nurse and Michelle was a school teacher in BR before she retired. 

Seeing the photo makes me want to get on a jet plane and fly there but first I must go see my oldest son, my DIL, and those cute grandsons.  This will be my present to me for turning 70.

8 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. I enjoy it when you post pictures and tell the stories around them. And what a lot of stories you have to tell with such a big family!


  2. Gosh, what a big family. I only have two cousins,one on each side of the family. Our family reunions can be held in most kitchens.
    Sounds like a great present. You shop well.


  3. Photos stimulate such interesting memories. You’re so fortunate to have so many living relatives as mine have continued to decline in number. Keep in touch with yours still living and visit when you can.

    BTW thanks for your recent comments at my ATW blog, but I’d welcome your revisiting and reading my response. (-; .


  4. Just lovely. Yes, I used to charge, but not now. I’m a halting slug who sits often. I’m longing to see the portrait gallery. That’s naked history for the eyes. Lunch and a portrait?


  5. Nice pic! Boy, your family members are really scattered all over the place. My youngest sister lives in Virginia. She sometimes visits us in Hawaii, but last year she didn’t feel like making the trip. My other sisters live on Oahu, so we get together for Thanksgiving and Xmas usually at my home. It’s nice to have family nearby.


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