I don’t post grandma stuff much anymore.  My granddaughters, tell me they understand that I am proud of them, but they are all  over the age of 18 (I think) so they say they don’t want to see their faces on my blog, or on Facebook because it is soooo embarrassing.  This should work well since I have about 5 Facebook friends, and they each have 144,691 friends x friends of friends and a gazillion relatives on their other side.

But bear with me for a little grandma time. Here is a photo of a nice thank you letter I got from my two grandsons in California.  I thought the Packer fans among you would enjoy the hats.  Those Packer fans are everywhere these days. 

7 thoughts on “Grandsons

  1. I love that you got such a sweet thank you note. Sadly those seems to be a thing of the past these days. Be proud you trained the their parent well.


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