Donuts Kill

So David comes in an says, “What do you want for breakfast?” “Get thee behind me Satan, I tell him, then order a donut from Dunkin Donuts, the kind with chocolate on the top and custard in the middle.  I ate donuts along with a bag of Fritos,  every day all the way through high school, but I haven’t had a donut in months, and now and then I get a craving for one. I am addicted to GASS. (Grease, alcohol, sugar and salt).  Just kidding.   A day or two ago, I read Tom Sightings post on death and yesterday Arkansas Patti’s post on how she fell apart on reaching 70 which I will do in two months (reach 70).

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Me...
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“If I am going to die, it will be with a donut in my hand,” I tell him.  He repeated it to the guy at the Dunkin shop who “Laughed so hard he almost had a heart attack.” 

I suppose DD’s business has been affected by the recent push to eat right and exercise and all that stuff which should help us live to be really old people.  Oh good, now ‘Medicare’ can go bankrupt twice as fast as all the baby boomers extend their lives to 100.  Well, I won’t be around to see it because I eat a donut every six months.

CMS, The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, also administers the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the prescription drug service signed into law under President Bush.  CMS has recently been assigned  the administration of the new (Affordable Care Act) which will double or triple its clientage.  According to the Washington Post:

CMS has 4,900 employees to handle the clients it services.  Compare this number with the Social Security Administration which has 62,000 workers, and primarily serves the labor force. 

BTW David ate the chocolate covered donut.  I ate the plain glazed one.  I can only go so far.   Now I am going outside with my dog.

6 thoughts on “Donuts Kill

  1. See? You’re staying active and keeping your brain busy reading things and sharing them with us!

    Good heavens, they now think the switch to daylight savings time is gonna kill us, too. That was the most recent nonsense in my email yesterday. If you get up an hour earlier, you’re gonna have a heart attack! Uh, how about you go to bed an hour earlier? Sigh. They have some research to corroborate this but, people get up too early too often anyway — be it daylight or not!

    How about we just go with the first two hours after you wake up need to be a little more relaxing rather than stressed-out? Get up a little earlier, but do so you can have a cup of tea (and a donut) and read schmidleysscribblins! Then you’re ready to face the day with your lungs full of air and a healthy bounce in your step. 🙂

    Sorry, I’m just tired of hearing about how everything we do is going to be the dearth of us. If you ask me, my mother’s demise was a result of all the narcotic pain killers they put her on, that Medicare helped pay for. It was many years of dependence on the damn things. I suggest you avoid drugs whenever possible and do just what you’re doing!

    DD was my first real deviance from only eating the healthy things that Mom fed us. They used to serve that really great-tasting juice in those tall frosted glasses. It went so well with those chocolate-covered donuts! I don’t think they change the oil often enough these days but maybe I’m just getting too picky in my old age. 😉 Of course my sister and I would each down about 10 of those donuts. We were young and our stomachs could handle it. Not recommended. 😉


    • Evelyn, I think the reason the changes in daylight savings time kill us because some of us still get in a car and drive.

      AARP magazine has an article this month on how doctors over age 65 avoid treatment for cancer. Do they know something we don’t?


  2. After a week of battling a case of gloomies, I landed at Marcia Mayo’s hilarious post on her recent grandparenting and dog-sitting adventures. Now my second blog stop has given me another dose of humor. I almost typed “healing dose.” But that probably wouldn’t be accurate because, as your post indicates, something so enjoyably delicious and addictive is probably not even good for me, let alone healing! Thanks, Dianne.


  3. I eat a chocolate covered long john and a chocolate covered glazed donut every Saturday. They are always fresh, never stale. I believe that I can eat anything I want just as long as it is in moderation. No guilt trips for me.


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