Bill Maher says Sandra Fluke and the political left should accept the Rush Limbaugh apology.  This makes sense as the right had to accept Maher referring to Palin with the c-word. The first amendment protects speech no matter how vile it is.



Meanwhile Bill O’Reilly asks, “Who’s running Sandra Fluke?”  Last night he linked Miss Fluke to Anita Dunn’s organization.  You might recall Ms Dunn once worked at the White House.  “How does Ms. Fluke manage to fly all over the US giving interviews if she is a poor student attending law school?” Bill asks.

Perhaps the various media outlets are paying for her trips.  Once upon a time, the Associated Press paid for my travel and board in NYC to be interviewed by a group of AP staffers about trends in the US foreign born population, an area in which I had some expertise at the time.

Meanwhile O’Reilly appeared on The View yesterday to discuss access to birth control. “Do you know what Title X is he asked the ladies?  (Check it out, you might be surprised.) 

Oh what are we to do with civil discourse now on the ropes? 

9 thoughts on “Apology

    • Some have gone, but others have asked for more air time. He’s just like one of those ‘rockers’ I suppose. The more foul his language the more money the sponsors make. None of these guys ever goes away. Heck Howard Stern is still around.


  1. I am sure the media is paying her. Probably not enough to buy a BMW but should pay her expenses. She is hot news right now.
    Bill and Rush make my blood race and not in a sexy way.


    • Probably so, but the issue is not birth control, its religious freedom and therefore pretty tricky.

      Don’t let them boil your blood. They aren’t that important. Besides, Bill is a kindly fellow, despite what Keith Olberman says.


  2. Hmmm… good point about the travel expenses. And, why isn’t she studying? Law school is NOT easy! Bill O. may have a point here. (Uh, about the Title X thing, too! I didn’t know about it. I was too young when Nixon was in office to know or care about such things.)

    Rush used to be smart and great to listen to but something happened to him. Drugs? Perhaps. He is such an ass now! I can’t stand the sight, or sound, of him — and that’s a long time before this most recent fiasco. Now I’m beginning to wonder about this girl too.

    I don’t know; I say we ignore them all and move on to what we enjoy, etc. The story has already gotten “old.”

    I liked yesterday’s title, “Balmy Weather,” by the way. Hawaii is drowning at the moment. Rain and non-stop lightening. We still have nothing to complain about though. Home is still beautiful, even when it rains. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these things I miss! Darn job! 🙂


    • She’s a pretty well know agitator apparently. That’s okay, but she isn’t the little innocent student some make her out to be. The issue won’t get me to vote or not vote for Obama, but he sure doesn’t need to include birth control in the new health care bill. We’ve had it for all since the early 1970s, and that’s a fact.

      As for Rush, the few times I’ve heard him he sounded loud. David listens to him on his car radio. Sometimes he makes sense, but I’m afraid like Rachel M. he gets his facts slightly twisted. None of them have any business impugning someone’s morality.

      Yes, I enjoyed my job too until the next to last boss who was a jerk. When I think about him I am happy to be retired.



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