Balmy weather

Fence at time of installation, 2010

The weather here is sumptuous.  This morning, David and I sat outside absorbing sunlight while the dogs ran around on their little footpaths.  We have a 12″ wide dog run around the inside fence where Johnny goes first thing. When the shrubs and perennials leaf out you don’t even know it exists. 

One of the challenges of a small city yard is to arrange various elements so some of the less picturesque items are hidden from view.  Over the years, the yard has become a maze of secrets with dog runs, bird houses, bird feeders compost bins, and the like, blended into the views. Like many others, I was influenced by The Secret Garden as a child. I still love secrets.  

The older dog (18 years) Peaches likes to run up and down the pebbled path between the two back beds. In warmer months, lavender and roses overhang one bed dedicated to lime-loving plants while hibiscus and viburnum, with plots of bulbs interspersed, line the other side. 

After a while she walks up the pathway to the warm brick sidewalk.  She has bad arthritis, but every morning she whines until we take her out for her morning “run.” She never barks anymore, so if the odd person walks by on the other side of the fence, she doesn’t even lift her head.

I had brick walkways installed when we first moved here and had more money.  David and I installed the pebble walks and are in the process of refurbishing them. He brings a couple of bags of pebbles home every Sunday after his noon-time meeting and we spread them. I only have a small space left to cover, we filled the rest of the walkway in February.  Today, it would probably cost a fortune to install the brick walks that wrap around the house, but I am happy we did it as they make a nice surface for arthritic limbs.  

After 10 minutes or so this morning, when it became obvious the Cardinals and friends wanted to get to the bird feeders we moved from the garden bench to the porch. Nothing bothers the sparrows, but the more shy birds hang back, often scolding our silly dogs who think they can catch a bird. Well, only Johnny thinks he can catch a bird. 

The photos above are from last year around June; the fence from the year before. You can click on them to enlarge them. Here are two more from yesterday:


New Wren House


Miniature Daffodils


5 thoughts on “Balmy weather

  1. You have made such a delightful refuge in your back yard. Fit for man and beast.
    Mighty also has bad arthritis and he gets Previcox almost daily and it has made him feel up to running rabbits.


  2. I have no talent for gardening. Perhaps, I should buy some gardening magazines for design ideas. It would be nice to have something like what you have. Nice pics, Dianne!


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