What retired seniors do

What retired seniors do:

Buy dog food, dog vitamins, dog toys;

Feed dogs;

Clean up used dog food deposits;

Take dogs to vet for shots,  blood tests, and teeth inspection;

Buy expensive dog medicines;

Feed dogs;

Take dogs to groomer for fur and hair trim;

Wash dog  bedding;

Hire housekeeper to remove used hair and fur;

Buy suet and bird seed for outdoor birds, fill feeders;

Buy food for indoor parrots;

Feed dogs;

Feed parrots;

Wash pet dishes;

Take pet birds to vet for blood tests and beak trims;

Clean bird cages;

Fill bird feeders;

Pay housekeeper to remove feathers and fluff from floors;

Buy air purifiers to remove pet dander from air.

Change filters in air purifiers;

Fill bird feeders;

Feed pets; 

Take allergy medicines;

Go outside for breath of fresh air.

Fill bird feeders;



15 thoughts on “What retired seniors do

  1. delete dogs and birds and plug in cats plus no hired help. In fact I’m the hired help for others I still have to work part-time. I am a critter sitter, two legged as well as four.


  2. I like your Poms! I think you should get a pet monkey you can train for some of those pet feeding tasks. Then, get one of those robo floor cleaners for the dust. That will give you more time to be outside where you can be exposed to air pollution and develop medical problems you don’t yet have. But that’s okay, ’cause you’ll also have more time to go to the doctor and pharmacy for add’l meds. Well….you have to do something with your extra time.


  3. I knew there was a step I was missing, that house cleaner thingy. Pets do eat up a day don’t t they? Not sure I would use the free time any better so I will keep my little slave drivers.


  4. Delightful, delightful. Such a reality. No pets here….I got tired of them dying and my heart breaking. House cleaner tho. I stay away long enough so she gets the computer room done and I can hide in here while she works. 🙂


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