Mega guilt trip??

espresso machine

English: Making of espresso coffee on a home p...
Not my coffee maker, but it looks good.

The new Krup Espresso machine arrived yesterday.  I read the directions carefully and then proceeded to make coffee for David and an espresso for me.  I did it perfectly.  This morning, when I tried the same thing, before I was fully awake (but who is awake before the first cup??) I managed to blow cream all over the bird cups lined up on the counter for filling, the empty coffee cups, the espresso maker, cupboards, wall and me. I finally got the thing to work properly (it was me, not the machine) and made coffee for David and an espresso for me. 

Now my new cleaner is here and the dogs have been barking incessantly for 20 minutes.  I pulled out my water pistol and they got quiet.  Sometimes to enforce law and order you have to carry a gun.  

I am suffering enormous bouts of guilt this morning.  Cleaners cleaning, nutty Poms (like the little fellow who won the Westminster dog show), a state of the art espresso maker.  I am not used to such finery. I can hear one of my former co-workers saying, “But you could give all the money you spent on such finery to the poor.”

Instead, I look at the espresso maker, designed in Germany, manufactured in France, distributed by a Canadian company, and fair-trade environmentally sensitive coffee Arabica beans (the machine grinds the beans) grown by poor farmers working under tall spreading tropical trees that will not see the woodsman’s axe, and I think about all the folks employed in the growing or manufacture, shipping, distribution of these items.

Furthermore the cleaners have a very small firm (4 workers) run by an immigrant couple (Cuban), and they use only  green products.  

Mary, the woman who bred my little Poms had a dog-breeding business with her sister. I visited the site (her home and back yard) where the dogs lived.  They had all the amenities of well-kept dogs, even an air-conditioned dog house they could enter and leave at will. Puppies and moms were kept in her house. The house and yard were on the grounds of the old TB sanitarium in PG county MD.  

The vet clinic I use for my happy healthy Poms includes a young African-American dog vet who finished his degree only a few years ago.  The service once catered to Al Gore’s dogs, but it is not ‘poncy’ as the Brits say.  The clinic is in a building constructed in the early twentieth century by horse vets on a road (pike) that ran through a poor area now undergoing gentrification.

David and I bought our home when the area was at its nadir, and although it is now improving steadily, it retains some of the charm of an older neighborhood, including some of the older residents who like us have aged in place. 

From time to time as we age, we must ask for and receive help. 




18 thoughts on “Mega guilt trip??

  1. Your expresso melt down reminded me of my mother telling me about trying to make grits in my grandmother’s new pressure cooker and blowing the lid off and plastering the ceiling and walls and everything else with grits! Too funny.. you deserve any luxuries you can afford I knew you when we both squeezed a dollar until it hollared..


  2. You should expect a make the enemies list of the Commandant of the USSR (United States Socialist Regime) for your pro-capitalists remarks!

    My suggestion:

    Hire someone, preferably a liberal, to start your car every morning or…
    buy a Chevy Volt…that should throw them off track for quite a while.


  3. You’re supporting world trade in this new universal economy, so what’s the problem???
    Hopefully, your making coffee while asleep skills will increase with practice, but I’d be careful if I was you. I had a Pom once — cunning little devil — demanding much attention — spoiled by a family member when I had to move from home for employment change.


  4. Once you have a good coffee machine that grinds the beans and turns out a great cup of coffee with that rich aroma of the Arabica beans, there’s no going back to the percolator-type of coffee maker. We also have a Bosch one that we bought 6 years ago. At that time, we were hesitating because it was a lot of money for a machine but actually it was the best and wisest decision ever. Enjoy your coffee machine! 😉


  5. I agree with everybody! Indulging a little every so often is good for your psyche. And if you’re happy, you can make others happier with an after coffee smile. This is a good thing.


  6. I can’t understand why any of this should make you feel guilty. It al seems perfectly harmless to me. Employing somebody to do the work you can no longer do easily, well, I think that’s a good thing. Personally, I wouldn’t want or need a coffee maker but there are machines I like which aren’t strictly necessary.

    Buy what you can afford, it’s good for the economy. Treating oneself, what could possibly be wrong with that? I don’t even think it’s necessary to ‘deserve’ a treat.


  7. Sorry about the foam getting on the walls and everything else. But, you actually had cleaners come in and clean it all up??? Sheesh! You are spoiled. Lol. I couldn’t resist saying that. I could drink Kona Blend Coffee all day, but must stop at 6 cups, because I read that too much coffee leads to high LDL (bad cholesterol).


  8. At some point in life – like now after working so may years etc. -it is time to say, you only live once and my time is now. Enjoy guilt free and continue thinking about all the $ really trickling down.


  9. Don’t feel guilty about spending something on yourself and not the poor. You work hard; you are entitled to some treats. Besides, if people stop buying coffee machines and start sending the money to the poor, who will send money to the unemployed coffee machine makers?


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