Pointy Headed Intellectuals and Effete Intellectual Snobs

Henry Allen, a former Washington Post editor who writes for the Post from time to time had an article in this morning’s paper.  I encourage you to read it, at this address.


An important point to note is that the Republican party is no longer the party it was following the Civil War when it catered to big business, big money and East Coast Intellectuals.  Today the Republican Party is composed mostly of folks who come from the other end of the economic spectrum. 

Now you might say, yes I know Archie Bunker is a Republican, but organized labor is in the Democrat camp.  However, recall that labor is not equivalent to union. Also, with only 7 percent of workers in unions these days, unions are not as dominant as they once were in the working classes.  In addition, many union members are white-collar. 

Allen thinks the major difference between the two political parties is tied to differences in  faith.

Another article in today’s Post  is about Black ministers in Maryland who oppose gay marriage.  Many of them were involved in the Civil Rights movement but don’t think Civil Rights include marriage.  Now I am not about to get into the middle of that argument, but I will point out that there are those who oppose gay marriage who are not homophobes.

If you consider yourself an intellectual, I ask you this question.  Do you think the best way to heal the divisions in this country to constantly insult those who oppose your viewpoint?  Aren’t we intelligent enough to find a better way?

14 thoughts on “Pointy Headed Intellectuals and Effete Intellectual Snobs

  1. That’s what I keep writing — why write a blog that preaches to the choir if individuals in any party want to influence change? People are certainly less likely to read a blog that resorts to name-calling and vitriol about issues the reader holds dear. Wouldn’t it be better to write in such a manner as to stimulate thinking about all sides of an issue? If one must rage, there is a way to do so civilly. Oh, well! What do I know!


  2. What a funny cartoon. Thanks for the chuckle, Politics doesn’t offer much in the way of humor, just distress and frustration.


    • It is especially frustrating when yesterday’s policy of the right becomes today’s policy of the left and vice versa. Take almost anything beginning with tax cuts. This is why I vote for the individual person regardless of party.


  3. haha!!! love that cartoon! LOL.

    As for politics, you can’t live without it if you want to be a citizen. But if you take it too seriously, you will end up getting into an argument if not a fist fight!


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