Why is it when I ask David if he would like to walk around the block he always suggests a trip to Dunkin Donuts?  No, I don’t want a donut, I told him, but I could eat a croissant from the cute little coffee bar up the block. 

When I was working, I always got a Starbucks coffee midmorning and sometimes a pasty too.  Of course I sat at a desk all day back then.  What am I saying?  I still sit at a desk most of the day, reading or blogging.  

However, when I was working, I had a gym membership and went downstairs to walk the treadmill and ride the recumbent bike every morning. Amara and I  walked around our federal reservation at noon, and inside on the seven miles of corridor when the weather was inclement.  Several days a week I also did Yoga or Pilates.

After I had a heart attack, I stopped exercising in the gym for a while, but took it up again when I retired. 

After I had a stroke, I stopped doing Yoga.  I always had trouble with some of the Pranas, but they were impossible when my body wouldn’t bend.  I thought it was the stroke that made me inflexible, but my orthopedic doctor says my back was probably part of the problem. 

Now you might say, “If she did not eat that pastry and drink that coffee from Starbucks so often, she probably would be in better shape.  However, my Mom died at age 56 and never exercised a day in her life, BUT she did housework.  Now days, doctors admit housework is exercise although it might overuse some parts of the body.  Mom had what was called “housewife’s knee” back then. And housewife’s back, etc.

I expend energy in my garden, even in the winter months.  Funny, how working in the garden never seems like work.  I also clean my parrots messy areas every day. That never seems like work either.  Ditto the dogs.  David does a lot too. He helps with sweeping and covering the birds at night.  He likes the birds, a like he has acquired since knowing me.  He also likes the wild birds outside and sits on our garden bench and watches them most days.  We have winter visitors now, and they are different from the year-round and “summer only” birds.   

David cleaned out the bird houses last week.  It might seem early, but some of the birds are already building nests.  When we cut back the yellow climbing rose we found two nests from different birds.  I know the larger messier nest was that of the mourning dove because I saw her sitting there on her baby birds. The smaller one could be anyone of a number of birds. 

My thrill this week was to spot an Eastern Bluebird on the wing.  He was flying over Dolly Madison Blvd and we passed him on the way to one of my doctors.  The Eastern Bluebird is one of the most beautiful of birds in the world. I once saw a family of EBB, Mom Dad and three babies, perched on a guy wire ready for take off.  The parents had all three kids out for flight lessons I suppose.   

Approximate range/distribution map of the East...

Around here, many folks make a great effort care for the EBB.  Bluebirds are not city residents per se, which is why I became excited about seeing one on Dolly Madison Blvd, “in the city”, or at least the VA part of the city. However, I have read they are making lives in the suburbs where they can find cover. Another reason to vote for bonds to create parkland with wilderness areas in urban places.   










14 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. First bluebird sighting was in western N.C. in the 70’s when I went to my aunts cabin. They were breathtakingly beautiful. exercise? yuck and yuck I have a full flight of stairs up to my dome I figure that is forced excercise. Now pushing a cart around a store is not, working in my yard is not ,cooking for company is not. I think when your heart is involved you forget the body and it just comes along for the ride


  2. Gee and here I thought it was my dislike of house work that made my back hurt. Good to know it is physical.
    I should have cleaned out my bird houses in the Fall. Now they are full each night with bird snuggle piles to keep warm so I will wait till early Spring.
    I so love the Blue Birds but sadly the English Sparrows have driven them out of my area.


  3. I don’t like to exercise, but I do feel good about doing it. I do need to take that Zumba class because I won’t do it on my own. I would recommend starting with just walks to keep yourself moving.

    That is such a gorgeous photo of the bluebird. I saw my first bluebird at Yellowstone last year. Must have been a “Western bluebird?” I was surprised at just how blue it was. It must feel like spring to look at it.


    • I love the way modern facilities are attempting to attract wildlife. Seems researchers have discovered birds and other animals improve patients recovery or shorten time in bed.
      At least you and your Dad did not eat the bluebirds.


  4. Bravo for exercise that is interesting . It means you will keep doing it as long as possible. The last time I saw a bluebird up close and clearly was eating lunch with my late father more than 30 years ago. We were in a hospital cafeteria by a wall of floor to ceiling windows. Volunteers had built and stationed blue bird houses at the edge of ubdevloped sections of the hospital property. I saw a more than one that day.

    I suspect there are no bluebirds there now. The hospital has expanded. Practically all the propty is built out with medical buildings now.


  5. hmmm. You started with exercise as a subject and then ended with birds for some reason. Lol. Ah well, go with the flow, eh? I prefer life with no pets right now, as David and I can travel the world without worrying about them. It’s bad enough my plants will probably die during our trip to China this fall for lack of water. It doesn’t rain much in September, and I can’t count on my older daughter to water them. My younger daughter will be living in Nevada by then. Well, maybe the older daughter can be cajoled with a $100 check. We’ll see.


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