Brag time

I pulled the photos below from my daughter’s FB page. 

I haven’t mentioned my granddaughter Amelia very much, but she is graduating from UVA with a degree in environmental engineering or science or something like that.  Grammys can’t always keep up with degree titles but I know she took a lot of physics and wants to work for NOAA on weather stuff.

Amelia and David
















It seems like only yesterday Amelia was a little girl and now she is all grown up.  





13 thoughts on “Brag time

  1. Do I detect a proud grandma in spite of her pretending that she doesn’t quite know what her granddaughters degree is for?

    btw: thanks for being willing to vote for Merkel, I think she is a very sensible politician and woman, although I am not really in favour of her party.


  2. Ah to be young and have all those choices to make. What a lovely girl and such an interesting occupation she is testing the waters with. The older I get and the more volatile Nature has become, the more weather facinates.


  3. This grandma supports your pride of relationship! Amelia as toddler reminds me of one of ours with those rosy cheeks and curly hair. Talking with undergraduates at Portland State introduces me to such a range–including a big, bold Ron Paul tee-shirt.


    • Amelia was the cat’s meow as a toddler. She always marched to the tune of her own drummer, now she’s in a marching band.

      Did you know Ron Paul and his wife are great friends with the Romneys?

      Yes, I know some kids support RP. I don’t know who Amelia supports.


  4. One of the greatest gifts of growing older is watching over our loved ones and joining in with their successes. Your family must be very proud of you too.


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