Root Canals, Reproductive Health and Republicans

Margaret H. Sanger (LOC)

Today promises to be a wonderful day.  It began with a note from my professor who has approved my idea of pursuing “Women’s reproductive health during the Gilded Age,” as the topic of my term paper this semester. The paper will end with Margaret Sanger and the law that made birth control legal during the Progressive Era.

Next, came my visit to Dr Levin my dentist who proclaimed my root was alive, and installed my new crown sans the potential root canal.

However, what got the day started with a bang was the announcement in the morning paper that Mitt Romney had won the Republican primary in Florida.  This cheered David enormously.  After Newt won SC, David said he would work in Obama’s campaign if Newt was the Republican nominee.   This would have pleased our neighbor Eddie who has his Obama 2012 sign in his front yard. Heck, David might have even forgiven Garland Gobble our neighbor of 30 years who called John McCain “Insane McCain” and upset David terribly during the last election. 

I have not decided who I will vote for in the next presidential election, but I can promise you one thing, I won’t let Sarah Palin influence my vote. In all probability, I won’t make up my mind until the last moment in November.

I voted a straight Democrat ticket until I was 40, and then I voted for John Anderson the Independent who ran against RR and Carter.  I could not stomach 4 more years of Carter and although I liked him, I did not think RR qualified to be president. Other years, I have voted for Dems and Republicans. I have always voted a split ticket.  I am a true Independent. 

Anyway, enough of that, although most of you must have guessed by now that I am a political junkie. I am such a political junkie, I pay attention to other folks elections.  I care who is elected in England, France or Germany.  Currently, I like Angela Merkle and would vote for her if I were German.

One of the graduate courses I took when I worked on a PhD in Sociology at the University of Maryland was entitled “Attitude and Public Opinion.”  Among other tasks, we students were given the assignment of “working the phones” to collect the kind of information the University of Michigan collects concerning public confidence regarding the economy.  The best predictor of how the economy is going to do over the next year or so is what folks “believe” is going to happen.  If folks are pessimistic, the economy will continue to be in the doldrums or tank, if they are confident, it will improve. 

Consumer confidence is very important.  This takes me back to the New Age mantra “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it will achieve.”  

Here are some more: 

If you want to get the fruit you have to go out on a limb.

Don’t look back unless you want to go that way.

You can always better your best.

Currently, two ads shown on TV make me tear up.  The first is the Keller Ad dedicated to the “5:00 AM scholar.”  I was that scholar, minding children, working, attending school. I “believed” I could improve my life, and this belief turned everything around for me. My EX told me I would starve if I left him. Worse still, he told the children they would starve if they went with me. I am happy to report, none of us starved.

Hassam, Washington Arch in SpringThe second Ad that makes me tear up is the boy in the oil company Ad who talks about how his science teacher inspired him to learn science.  He demonstrates a little catapult machine he built using what he learned in science and after he fires it he says, “Isn’t that great?”  Yes it is great.  What can be more rewarding than a kid learning he can do something wonderful. 

Dream great dreams and make them come true.






9 thoughts on “Root Canals, Reproductive Health and Republicans

  1. I rather liked Palin until she was hoaxed, thinking she was taking a call from a world leader (I can’t remember which one). She was so breathy and girly, it rather frightened me for the future of America if she ended up in charge. I like my world leaders to be ball breakers, even if I disagree with them.


  2. Sorry, but I never liked Sarah Palin and didn’t think she was qualified to be a running mate. I think it’s interesting that she and Cain both support Newt. I’m not qualified to say a lot about politics because I don’t follow it like my husband and son. However, we’ve got a start on health care, the economy is starting to move upward. We’re out of Iraq. The environment is being protected a little bit more. Why would anybody want to get back to how it was?


  3. Good news no root canal. I’ve never had one but understand they are to be feared.
    I love that little science kid also.


  4. We are in such different places–politically and geographically. What I did not know when I had an illegal abortion in the 1950s, I learned in the second wave of the women’s movement: the personal is political. When I lost internet connection last night was frustrated because not able to sign petitions to tell Susan B. Komen Foundation that it would be sorry to have de-funded Planned Parenthood. Thought you too would have something to say about that.


  5. Finding a great husband? You’ve got to be kidding. Men are scum. 99.99% of women end up “settling” for the man they marry. A career and “in vitro” is the only way to go if a woman really wants to live the dream.

    Now, as for politics, I really want to get into this with you, Diane. I am in the process of starting another blog which will be strictly political. I will let you know when it is up. I think we can have some really great discussions but I don’t want to clog up my regular blog (or yours) with election year junk. One caveat: I hate Al Gore as much as you hate Sarah Palin. That should provide plenty of fodder right there, let alone the ones actually running for election.

    By the way, you are an excellent writer.


    • Re Al Gore. He was my Dad’s Senator and Dad didn’t like him either. Probably more to spite my Dad than anything else, I liked Al and read his book ‘Earth in the Balance’ way back when. I was once a radical environmentalist but not any more.

      Re Sarah Palin, I used to like her but if she likes Newt it is over. I don’t dislike anyone really, except Newt. I was out of work for 3 weeks owing to him. I didn’t like Bill Clinton after the Monica thing either. So there.

      I will be looking for your political blog. I can’t write as humorously as you or Tilly Bud, so i settle for politics to get my laughs.

      Thanks for you compliment about my writing.


  6. Often women’s dreams are sidetracked by men. On the other hand, some women think finding a great husband is a dream.

    I dreamed of getting a job and being able to support myself while enjoying my work. For the most part that happened. I would have liked to have become a college professor, but I have had a number of friends who are or were college professors, and I now know it has it issues like any other job. So, along the way, my ideas changed. I don’t think dreams are set in cement, do you?


  7. I dreamed beautiful dreams, but nothing came of them. For example, I studied music in New York and Hawaii, but my dream of becoming a pro fizzled.

    On the other hand, I never thought I’d ever get married, much less have kids — but here I am with 2 daughters and 2 grandkids plus a husband, to boot.


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