Root canals and Ron Paul, or It’s always something…

Years ago, David and I knew a fellow named Dennis who many considered a guru.  Dennis had taken the Course in Miracles, and done a few other New Age things and always had a pithy comment to offer any problem. I particularly remember two of them “It’s always something” (he said his mother told him this one), and  “There is no hope.” 

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Endodontry or Root Canal – Wikipedia

Driving back from the dentist’s office, where I acquired a couple more appointments for my aging teeth, I recalled Dennis’ comment, “It’s always something.”  Turns out, the funny tooth where popcorn husks are always trapped has a bad cavity under the gold crown.  It doesn’t hurt, but the dentist says the crown will have to come off and the decay attended to. I may need a root canal (been there, done that).

“Oh Goodie,” I thought.  Then following a close examination of the new x-rays of my teeth,  the dentist proceeded to tell me I had “all sorts of decayed places starting in my teeth.”

I found Dr. Levine’s news frightening because I have always taken care of my teeth and I am shocked to hear all this “new” decay has or is beginning to form.  “I was just here six months ago,” I said, “How could this have happened so quickly?” 

“It happens as you grow older the twenty-nine year old hygienist with perfect teeth suggested. the composition of the saliva in your mouth changes, becoming more acidic or basic (I think that was the word she used).

Oh who knew?  On the way home, all I could think about was my friend Pat whose teeth rotted all at once.  She finally had them pulled, but too late.  She died of a heart attack because the infection from her teeth went into her heart.

“You could always have all of your teeth pulled, ” David suggested in the car driving home.  That’s what my Dad did.  “I drove him over to Beaufort and he had all his teeth pulled at once.”  “Then he bled for a long time. “

“Why don’t you try cheering me up,” I suggested.

I carried a tube of prescription toothpaste home.  The dentist had given me a toothpaste with 1,000x the fluoride found in regular toothpaste.  That should protect my teeth a bit better than the regular old Crest toothpaste the hygienist had told me.

“There is hope,” I told David.  Perhaps this new toothpaste will help. The hygienist had told me my teeth were in great shape.  She left off the part about “for your age.”  

Meanwhile, 82-year old David had the usual perfect result from his dental checkup.  They didn’t even x-ray his teeth.  “I have great genes,” he suggested.  

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David did manage to get into a discussion about Ron Paul with his Iranian hygienist, however.  I wouldn’t dare get into a political argument about Ron Paul with one of his supporters. Especially one wielding a weapon, even if it is a small dental pick. David told her he’s going to work in the Romney campaign.  

It’s always something.