Life Lessons


Dare I say it?  In my old age I have learned, am still learning  few things about human nature, events, etc.

One thing I’ve learned is that it’s okay to ask for help.  Another is that most problems have a way of resolving themselves.

I was upset by the letters from the IRS, so I called David’s daughter Julie, who brought her husband Kenny over yesterday to look at the paperwork.  It took Kenny about two minutes (no kidding) to figure out what we had done wrong.  Seems David checked the wrong box last spring and we’ve been making pre-payments to the IRS for 2016 taxes or next years taxes. Duh.

David got everything else correct, but put a checkmark in the wrong box. Last spring, I reviewed what he did, and noticed the mark and asked him if that was correct, but when he got huffy, I let it go.  Next year, I will be bolder. Meanwhile the IRS wants its money so we will pay that before September 8.


Regarding Joy’s court date in September for “assault”, her Mom looked up the “plaintiff” on the internet and found his mug shot from his last arrest (for GBH?). Seems he’s six feet tall and weighs 195 lbs.  Joy is 5’2″ and weighs much less.  An off duty police officer witnessed the whole episode, and he’s convinced the case will be laughed out of court. None of us can understand why it was even added to the docket.

Joy’s new job (she begins next week) is with a dairy farm that makes ice cream. She will be working with Jersey cows because Jersey cows make the best ice cream.



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John W, our handyman, stopped by yesterday to look at David’s shower and our archaic and overly large treadmill, and give us an estimate for repairing the first and hauling the latter to Habitat for Humanity where he works part-time. … Continue reading