Exciting times?


Every day is a mixed bag…

1/ First some earnest kid (clown?), came to the front door, which David answered.  Apparently, the kid was canvassing the neighborhood and suggested I had not registered to vote.  Rather than call me to the door, David decided to handle it himself.

Although I have lived in Arlington for decades and at this address for 35 years, like many women, I have had several names over my lifetime (the same one for 51 years???). However, Virginia has a new “Voter ID law” and I suppose I look suspicious.

David got huffy, and told the poor kid (who shared no ID himself) my name, and he went away.  At least that’s what David told me. I didn’t say anything then, but suggested later that if anyone asks about me EVER, call me to the door, don’t try to handle it yourself.

I called my friend Sue who works for Homeland Defense as well as the County Election Board and she said “Don’t worry about it.  You have a Voter ID and there won’t be any problem,” and then ” I wonder if it’s some kind of scam?”

2/ Today each of us (we file jointly) received another notice from the IRS for nonpayment of taxes. It’s not true of course, but I called David’s daughter whose husband is very clever about anything involving the IRS said they will come over tomorrow to look at the papers.

3/ This morning, I received the good news from granddaughter Joy that she landed a job she wanted in New England with a dairy farm, and she’s moving away from Virginia. However a few minutes later her mom sent a message saying Joy has a court date soon, so pray for her.

Seems some lager lad got in Joy’s face and she pushed him away. When he heard this, David cracked up laughing because Joy is a very small gal, however, she handles cows for a living, so the boy was quite offended.  He’s taking Joy to court claiming he was abused.

Joy’s lawyer says the whole thing is laughable and will probably be thrown out of court, but the kid has connections (wealthy, influential father), so Joy’s mom is concerned.

On a cheery note, Grandson Sean is 12 today.  Dad sent the photo below of him holding his gift card from David and me. Connie and I will visit all of them in October.

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