Tuesday Tidbits – December 16



Switzerland? France? Alps.


Lying in bed this morning, I had about a half dozen ideas for a post … all controversial subjects. I don’t write much controversial stuff these days, mainly to keep my blood pressure under control. Besides, I have had arguments with the best of them, so what’s the point?

I worked for a man once, a relatively illustrious fellow who has written several books on immigration. He was a Rhodes scholar and professor who taught on both sides of the Atlantic.  One evening, we engaged in an argument that lasted an hour or two, the upshot being that being that I left the room a better educated person than when I entered.

I was never about anything more than wanting to understand the world around me, particularly the human world, and I loved knowledgeable people who would carry on a good debate.  He understood this and accommodated me. As he advanced my goal, I have always thought kindly of him.

Over the years, I crossed paths with this former boss on many occasions, usually at gatherings associated with our profession (Demography).  I have no idea where he is or even if he is alive, but such is life.

I don’t get on Facebook as often these days, but when I happened to check it out last week, I stumbled over the announcement that another of my younger-than-me bosses had died. The list of former bosses and professors, all male, who have died is astounding.  To a man, they were well-educated fellows, and the first thing I think is why did they die so young?  Didn’t they take care of themselves?  I know for a fact the fellow who died last week walked at lunch, I often saw him crossing the reservation from our census bureau building, past NOAA and Naval Intelligence to the National Archives building and back. Nevertheless, he died young.


December is becoming very busy, so writing posts and leaving comments and/or messages for fellow bloggers will be hit or miss for a while. I am NOT running around frantically, rather doing the usual stuff, doctor’s appointments, etc., plus visiting with family.

Two of my granddaughters are driving from their respective university campuses to visit me this weekend. We’ve planned an excursion into DC to the Benedictine Abby where we will attend noontime prayers and then eat lunch with the brothers.  Later, if I have the energy, we will make a trip to the Mall to see the National Christmas tree. Saturday, we will do more fun things.

I cannot tell a lie. In my down time such as it is, I am reading, walking the dogs, etc. I decided to squeeze out a post this morning so you would know I am alive, and then visit other blogs later in the day. Tomorrow its back to the Avian vet in Alexandria for Arabella’s monthly beak and nail trim.

Arabella 010

Arabella, Hahn’s Macaw

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