Wishy-washy me

I find it pays to be educated concerning your own health issues. Yesterday, when faced with the choice of the time-consuming, more expensive procedure versus the less expensive quick-fix, I was able to say, “Do the latter.”

 I know the word ‘cancer’ scares people, but when faced with the choice:

1/ total eradication and analysis of a cancer site, layer by layer … until we’re sure we got it all, versus

2/ a quick “maybe we got it all, but it might come back, lazar treatment,

the choice seems clear.

Informed, I knew the type of skin cancer on my toe (Squamous cell) is far less threatening than the Melanoma excised from my back and neck during the past few weeks.  If it comes back, it comes back.  I’ll deal with it then.  No point in running up the Medicare bill.

The lazar treatment took an area of skin the size of the tip of a pencil eraser (remember those?).  If I was Diabetic, the abrasion would present other problems.  But, because I’ve lost weight, I am at less risk of Diabetes.  I know weight loss is no guarantee, but it helps delay the onset of disease (assuming you will get it).

The third thing working in my favor is I don’t smoke.

The other smart thing I do is have my entire body checked by a Dermatologist on a regular basis. Because I’ve had skin cancer six times, I see the doctor every three months. Different intervals apply to different cases.

Be proactive.  Don’t tell me that you’re too young, it doesn’t run in your family or any thing else, just have that first exam!!  If you have an issue, educate yourself.  There’s no excuse for ignorance.


David is happy.  He read Joe Biden is thinking of entering the race for the presidency in 2016.  We love Uncle Joe.  Because he was the Senator from Delaware, we kept up with his career all these years and know him well. Well, as well as you can know someone who is not an acquaintance.

You see, I’m a graduate of a Community College (my first college degree). The Bidens are huge supporters of Community Colleges.  Jill Biden even teaches st my old school, which is no longer in a warehouse.

In Virginia you are guaranteed a slot in a four-year state school if you finish two years at a Community College.  Some argue the graduation rates are low for Community Colleges, but that’s because many students transfer to other schools without completing the two-year degree. In other words, the Community College gives them a leg up.

That’s a statistical fact.  I know. When I worked for the Census Bureau,  I developed and wrote a report for the Department of Education that showed this was the case.  Community Colleges give less well off students, like me (once a struggling single parent), a chance.

And you don’t end up with a second class job because you attended a Community College.  I went on to Mary Washington College (now University) and Georgetown University grad school.  After that, I had a fantastic career until many years later I crashed and burned in my last job (with the government) largely owing to ill health (the result of stress brought on by age discrimination).

I’m afraid I’m turning into one of those people who votes for someone because I like them.  Right now I don’t like many if any of the candidates in either party.  This could change.  I’m wishy-washy.

Below, a few more photos of my granddaughters.


Joy and another “cow” girl. Perhaps that’s Rita? No one ever tells me anything.


Joy and the Atlanta Falcon mascot. Wonder who she will root for this year?


Amelia (right) and a UVA chum at a tail gate party?


Amelia and a cactus. Looks like a botanical garden, probably at UVA.