The non-bucket list.


16bd173I don’t have a bucket list. I did most of what I wanted to do while I was working or immediately thereafter. I will never walk the Camino in this lifetime.  I have entered the phase of my life where I don’t plan ahead, much.  If I plan, other than long term care and finances, its one year at a time.  Mostly, these days I am living one day at a time.  Living in the NOW.

All we have is now,  “yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow a promissory note”or so the saying goes.

Oh sure, I know something will probably happen this year.  We both might have birthdays.  I check on David every morning to make sure he’s breathing. He’s in pretty good health, but at 85 almost 86 he could do what his Dad did at age 74, come downstairs to breakfast then return to his bed, lie down and go to sleep permanently. Or not.  We never know the day or hour of our passing.

Ditto for me, although I am 12 years younger.

I plan my garden on a yearly basis. But these days gardening is more maintenance than not.  I began growing annuals in containers outside to have something new to look forward to each year.  However, I find myself replanting many of my same favorites every year. And why not?

Slowly, I am regaining some of my atrophied cooking skills, lost during my pre-retirement years.  After I married David we ate out a lot. Today, I find myself fixing favorites over and over.  And why not?

I no longer plan meals a week at a time, but rather David visits the grocery store almost every day to retrieve what I need for the meal I’ve planned that day.  He loves doing this, he says.  I perfected daily shopping when I was working outside the home and commuting by bus to and from Washington DC every day.

Each evening, I got off the bus, which stopped at the shopping center next to my apartment complex, and bought a bag of groceries which I carried home along with my brief case and purse. I then fixed the evening meal, visited with my kids a while, and did my school work afterward.

An evening or two a week while I was working on my second M.A. at Catholic University, I rode the Metro to work, then to class in NW DC.  I did my reading on weekends, on the Metro, during lunch hour at work, or in the library or student union before class.  When I transferred from Catholic University, I drove from my apartment in Alexandria VA, to my office downtown, then in the afternoon to the University of Maryland.  Around 10-11 PM, I drove back through DC to VA. Thus for years I was up late riding the Metro or driving through the city well after dark once or twice a week…without a gun!

I can’t believe what I carried then or how much I walked. All I know is that what I want to do now that I am retired is nothing much.

At the zoo in late the 1960s or early 1970s.  Connie in back, my boys Richard and John and friend Sherry's girls in front.
At the Washington DC zoo in  the early 1970s. Connie in back next to me, my boys John and Richard, and friend Sherry’s girls in front. I was in undergraduate school then and working.




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