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In a comment to my last post, Michelle over at Rambling Woods mentioned she began cooking at age 12, and it got me to thinking about the girls I knew, and a few boys, who learned to cook early in life because both parents worked, and they had to help out at home.

Although they were what some call “latch-key” kids, most of the kids I knew struck me as very responsible.  I admired them, however, my parents, who were a bit overprotective, did not like me visiting anyone whose Mom wasn’t home.

My Mom, was a Middle-class housewife, the sign of which in the 1940s and 1950s was that she was the “stay-at-home-mom” depicted in advertising and soap operas.  Thanks to TV, the Middle-class Mom became the woman many wanted to emulate.

When I was eight years old, we left the country for the city and moved into a post-WWII housing development with a huge green space behind the houses.  Although moms could see us from their kitchen windows, most days we managed an ‘unsupervised by adults‘ pick-up game of one kind or another…softball, dodgeball, ‘Red Rover’ and others. If squabbles arose, we worked it out, the older kids upholding “order” and the younger kids minding the elders.

Today, I often wonder how much of the current unrest among youth as well as anger and the expectation that the government will care for you at every stage of your life is the result of the propensity of parents and other adults to overprotect children and manage every aspect of their lives? Are the days of childhood creativity, innovation and responsibility learned early in life gone?


Yesterday, in my continuing efforts to relearn dubious cooking skills, I tried a new dish, Florentine eggs.   The dish was simple to make and turned out well. I found the recipe in my favorite “high protein-lowcarb cookbook” by Eades. Basically, it involves spinach, eggs and ricotta cheese. My kind of dish.


I finished the baby blanket for the new great-grandchild, a little boy whose name will probably be Hayden. Whereas in WI it receives the German “Heiden,” in the South it is Hayden, I believe.IMG_0863

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